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Why Listing Your Cayman Business on Club Save is a Smart Move

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Why Listing Your Cayman Business on Club Save is a Smart Move
11 Mar 2019

There are scores of eateries, stores, places, and things to do in the Cayman Islands. Don’t let your business be just another one in the crowd! Reach far and wide without splurging with the online discount platform that’s making a buzz among residents as well as visitors in the Cayman Islands - Club Save.

Club Save is the platform that benefits as well as bridges the gap between consumers and businesses. Often called as the ‘hub of deals and discounts in the Cayman Islands,’ Club Save aims at remodeling the way businesses advertise, through its revolutionary online medium and guerilla marketing tactics. This makes it easier, quicker, and more cost-efficient to promote the products and services and rest assure knowing that they will draw in the relevant traffic to your physical store.

The Club Save Difference

Over and above getting listed on the widely used platform in the Cayman Islands and enjoying a lot of features available on buying any of the media packages, the businesses get a host of benefits which can help them achieve their business-critical goals. Some of the primary merits of listing with Club Save include:

  • Brand awareness

Club Save is an established online platform which is extensively used by consumers daily, whether it is for exploring grocery discounts or for checking out automotive discounts in the Cayman Islands. By listing on it, you get access to its large user-base. This helps your brand to be seen by new consumers every day and saves you from the daunting task of starting from scratch.

  • Loyal client-building

Since the platform is Cayman Islands-specific, you can be sure that people viewing your business are all what you, in the digital term, call ‘relevant or targeted traffic.’ The large user-base comprises of the loyal and relevant crowd that matters to your business and helps you build new customer-base!

  • Generate more traffic

Along with your business listing, you can also list your website address. This not only helps you attract more crowd but also redirect the traffic to your website. This in turns, influences your website ranking positively on search engines.

  • Cost-efficient

With higher returns and benefits, your listing on Club Save is an investment rather than an expense. In fact, there’s a free package too which can help you experience the Club Save difference and see the spike in your sales.

The Additional Perks

That is not it! There are extra perks that you get when choosing any of the media packages with Club Save. You are entitled to receive an additional 20% discount on prices below of services:

  • Flyer distribution: 500 flyers distribution in 5 high traffic locations for $349 one-time fee
  • Business Cards: Get 100 one-sided business cards printed for $35 and two-sided for $40
  • Rack Cards: Get 100 one-sided rack cards printed for $75 and two-sided for $120
  • Social Media Management: Get social media account management from a professional starting point at $300 monthly
  • Signage: Special discounts on indoor and outdoor signage
  • Website: Great discounts on website development

How to Join?

Go to our Merchant Sign Up page and select any of the five available packages, make the payment, and welcome on board! Each package has different features and services like logo creation, live social media in-page display, featured discount on the homepage and more. You can choose our Free package which is available for 1 year and experience the difference with Club Save. You can always make a switch to the paid package by selecting on of our Media Packages. Let’s take your business in the Cayman Islands to the next level!