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The Best Discounts on Watersports Activities in the Cayman Islands

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The Best Discounts on Watersports Activities in the Cayman Islands
07 Jun 2019

When you think Cayman Islands, no doubt you also think watersports! In addition to diving and swimming, there are so many fantastic watersports opportunities available, and now you can take advantage of deals on many of them.

Among the most popular watersports in the Cayman Islands are stand-up paddle boarding, for those who like something slow and soothing, and zipping around on a waverunner, for those who prefer lots of high-powered action.

Perhaps the most unique offering among watersports is a bioluminescence tour – but more on that later! First of all, did you know that there are discounts on watersports activities in the Cayman Islands? That’s right! Through Club Save’s Cayman Islands discount card you can enjoy the benefits of many discounts in Grand Cayman. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, all you have to do is go online and purchase a card at a nominal price and – voila – you will be eligible to take advantage of many Cayman Islands deals.

Let’s start with the Club Save discount of up to 10% on a waverunner rental. Jump on one of these popular vehicles and take off across the water for a fast-paced ride. The excitement can’t be beat, so liven up your day with this popular activity! You can also take a waverunner tour to Stingray City, one of the islands’ most popular attractions, with stops along the way for snorkeling. Ride a waverunner, swim with stingrays and snorkel at one of the best sites in the Caribbean, if not the world!

If you’re looking for something slower paced and more relaxing, give paddle boarding a try. With a Club Save Discount Card, you will save up to 10% on a stand-up paddle board rental (lifejacket included). Head out on the calm ocean waters and chill. Not only is paddle boarding great exercise, but it is also very serene. You will find yourself going along with the smooth ocean current and taking in the view on all sides while calmly and quietly steering your course. Lessons and tours are available too.

One of the most amazing things to do on island is a bioluminescence tour. Show your Club Save Discount Card and receive up to 10% off on this spectacular night tour of exotic marine life. As you kayak in the Caribbean, your tour guide will take you to Cayman’s small, protected “bio bay,” where you will see the lights from millions of glowing microorganisms in the dark water. Your hands, feet and paddles will also glow! Don’t miss out on this very magical experience!

Watersports deals in the Cayman Islands also include up to 10% off on certain other sea tours, including private boat charters, deep sea fishing and stops at beachside restaurants.

Whatever your level of adventure, before embarking on any watersports in the Cayman Islands, check out the discounts available on Club Save. Why pay more for the activities you love? And remember, these discounts are available for locals and visitors alike, so everyone can count on savings.

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