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Stay Fit and Healthy without Breaking Your Budget with Club Save

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Stay Fit and Healthy without Breaking Your Budget with Club Save
31 May 2019

Staying fit and healthy is a year-round goal, particularly in the Cayman Islands. Given the tropical climate and access to beaches, watersports and workout facilities, it’s easy for almost everyone to meet their fitness goals. But sometimes we just need a little bit of extra motivation to get us moving in the right direction, and here’s where health and fitness discounts in the Cayman Islands come into play.

“Whether you are new to working out or you've been active all your life, it’s important to always have goals to propel you forward. While there aren't any major get-fit shortcuts, there are strategies that can help you fast-track both your long- and short-term aspirations,” Jennifer Cohen writes in an article for

The article suggests a number of tips, including writing down your workouts, putting your workouts in your personal calendar, grabbing a buddy to work out with, mixing up your workouts, and trying a totally new workout once a month.

A great way to meet your goals and follow some of these tips is by taking advantage of fitness club discounts and/or gym membership discounts in the Cayman Islands. Did you know that with Club Save health and fitness discounts you could save up to 22 percent at Kings Sports Centre whether you are a resident or a visitor?

Cayman Islands promotions also include a discount of up to 10 percent for visitors and locals alike at X Factor Fitness, where you can engage a personal trainer or join a group training session and get the extra motivation you might need.

Another prime discount through Club Save is a savings of up to 15 percent on bowling two hours or more at Kings Sports Centre. Talk about changing things up! Why not go bowling a few times a month to add some extra fun to your workout routine?

Speaking of adding fun to spark your fitness routine, savings of up to 10 percent are available on skating and squash. Call your friends and encourage them to join you in a friendly match on the squash court or for some spins around the roller rink. Skating is a great activity for all ages, so take the kids and double the fun while you get in a good workout at the same time.

Finally, to make sure the men in your life look good while working out, Club Save offers discounts in the Cayman Islands on athletic apparel. Savings of up to 10 percent are available on premium apparel for “bigger and stronger men” at the Pro Shop at Kings Sports Centre in Grand Cayman.

Now that summer is just around the corner and the kids will be out of school, you’ll most likely be hitting the beach more often. Take some time to tone up, refresh your fitness routine and get ready for some of the major athletic events the Cayman Islands have to offer. Be sure to take advantage of health and fitness discounts through Club Save and trim your budget too!