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Diesel and gas prices are soaring? Don't worry; you will still be able to save!

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Diesel and gas prices are soaring? Don't worry; you will still be able to save!
14 Feb 2019

“Avail the gas and diesel discounts in the Cayman Islands through Club Save.”

You must be having a lot of expenses relating to your vehicle one such expense is the rising price of diesel and gas.

The vehicle fuel forms a significant part of your monthly expenditure as traveling is a daily routine. Saving on gas and diesel through deals in the Cayman Islands will be attractive for most vehicle owners as most of us are on a set monthly budget. Club Save brings significant discount where you can save up to 5% on your bills with added perks.

Our vendors offer discounts on their outlets on Eastern Avenue, Savannah, Walkers Road, and Seven Mile Beach. Rubis also offers an all-inclusive package of high-quality products like Ultra Tec, Total Lubricants, and new green RubiGas cylinders. This also optimizes your automobile's performance.

These great deals by the Club Save’s proud vendors “Rubis” are specific to target the Grand Cayman vehicle and automobile owners which help them save a little more.

 You will be able to find water bottle exchange, propane gas exchange, hot dogs, sandwiches, snacks to go, cell phone Top-Ups, Butterfield or Cayman National Bank ATM Machine, beer and spirits - to cover a few. Securing discounts from one vendor will lead you to avail discount offers from other vendors, with whom you are not directly registering with. They include shopping hubs, spas, restaurants, and so much more.

These deals on Gasoline not only help you save money when you make fuel purchases (especially when then the prices have hiked) but also helps you drive longer for less.

You can avail super saving on gas and diesel in the Grand Cayman by registering for our membership card. We work as an intermediary between the vendor and the customer. When you register for our services, Please refer to the specific discount redemptions offered by each vendor. Club Saves is not responsible for any vendor terminating, changing or tweaking the services or products on which discounts can be availed.

“Save the fuel cost, l go that extra mile – Club Save will save you!”