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5 Ways to Keep Your Child Busy without Spending Much in the Cayman Islands

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5 Ways to Keep Your Child Busy without Spending Much in the Cayman Islands
20 Jun 2018

One way to keep up with the indefatigable energy of your child is to enrol him or her in creative or recreational activities. While you may tend to worry about the cost, Club Save offers many discounts in the Cayman Islands on sports equipment and lessons, arty workshops and more.

Below are some of the best activities in the Cayman Islands for your kids.


What’s better than lessons that keep your child engaged as well as physically fit? Skating lessons are available for all levels. Your child will not only develop new skills, but will also enjoy hours of fun with other kids at a lively sports centre.

Don’t worry if your child doesn’t own a pair of skates. They are available for rent. Browse our discount offers and deals in the Cayman Islands and channel your kid’s energy in the right direction!

Workshops and Creative Classes

Recreational activities for kids in the Cayman Islands are interactive, educational and a perfect way to bring out the artist in them and keep their day from turning dull. Plus, they’ll get to make new friends. Use Club Save’s offer and get up to 10 percent off on such activities as pottery classes, art workshops and more

Indoor Playgrounds & Kids Gym

Shop around or complete your chores without the kids. Leave your child in the care of professionals at an indoor playground, kids gym or other facility for drop-in playtime for children ages 6 months to 10 years.

Story Books or Colouring Books

Perhaps, one of the best ways to keep your child engrossed for hours is to buy comic books, story books or colouring books. This will encourage the habit of reading or colouring and help develop your child’s imagination.

Summer Camps

Summer camps are fun, interactive and offer a range of activities to help your child explore different areas of interest. There are many options, such as hockey camp, basketball camp and more, if you are seeking sporty activities for your child.

In addition to the above list, Club Save offers up to 25 percent discounts on toys, movies, restaurants and more in the Cayman Islands.

Create a free account or get the Club Save membership at $25 for one year to get access to the offers and sign your child up for various activities.