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3 Ways to Save Money on Meals during Your Family Vacation in the Cayman Islands

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3 Ways to Save Money on Meals during Your Family Vacation in the Cayman Islands
01 Mar 2019

It’s very exciting that you have chosen the Cayman Islands as the location for your family vacation! The sun, surf and beautiful sunsets draw thousands of visitors every year. And, visitors, just like most everyone on Island, look for ways to save money.

Naturally, it’s no secret that while you are enjoying all the fantastic benefits of your vacation in the Cayman Islands, you are no doubt also keeping an eye on your budget. That is true regardless of where you travel or live, but as we all know, some costs are higher when you vacation on an island. There are always ways to trim your costs without sacrificing your holiday experience. And, bonus: You still get to exalt in bright sunny days, a tropical climate and convenient, free beaches on the Caribbean Sea! To top it all off, there are discounts in the Cayman Islands that can help you save money.

Here are 3 ways to save money on meals during your vacation:

  • Restaurant deals. You can save up to 10 percent at some restaurants and find special deals at others, including at some of Grand Cayman’s most popular eateries. Whether you are grabbing the kids’ favorite fast food after a long day at the beach, or treating the entire family to a Caribbean-style dinner featuring local foods and flavors, there are many restaurant deals in the Cayman Islands. Before you decide where to go for breakfast, lunch or dinner, be sure to check out the food deals in the Cayman Islands. Then, round everyone up for a meal and sit back, relax and enjoy your family time without worrying about the cost. 
  • Beverage discounts. Rather than spending money on expensive cocktails or wine at a restaurant or bar, why not shop locally and take advantage of a discount on drinks in the Cayman Islands? You can save up to 15 percent on wine and spirits at certain retail stores, so why not mix a cocktail in your room, relax on your balcony or seaside, and save money while you sip?
  • Snacks. Ice cream is always one of the most popular snacks or desserts on islands. Maybe your family prefers smoothies, juice or grab-and-go snacks to take to the beach. In all cases, it’s possible to find food and beverage deals in the Cayman Islands that will save you money.

With all of these ways to save, what better way to enjoy your vacation to the fullest? You’ll return from your visit refreshed, relaxed and satisfied that you did not burn your budget on this memorable holiday!